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“These eye-catching handmade bar necklaces are available in a range of elegant and eye-catching styles; many are available with custom-engraving to personalise your piece.” Sarah Jane X

More Info on Bar & Personalised Bar Necklaces

Timeless and romantic, these bar necklaces are a wonderful memento of a special occasion, anniversary or to remind you of a loved one. 

Whether buying as a gift for her, or to wear as an everyday piece yourself, we can make these pieces even more unique by custom-engraving a name, initial, date or something else onto the bar.

With vertical and horizontal bar designs available, and constructed using a range of high-quality precious metals including sterling silver and 14k gold-filled.

We are proud to say we design, make and package each piece by hand in the South West of England. This means we have total control over the production process, meaning we can ensure the highest standards for every piece.

Alongside these necklaces, we offer a collection of personalised necklaces. They’re just one type of jewellery we offer in our range of personalised jewellery.

For any enquiries about these pieces, please contact us today!