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Disc necklaces

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“Stunning and unique, these handmade disk necklaces are a beautiful addition to any jewellery collection."

"Made by hand in our ancient studio in Bradford-on-Avon.” Sarah Jane X

More Info on Disk and Personalised Disk Necklaces

Disk necklaces are a lovely addition to any jewellery collection. These designs can match a range of outfits, whilst they also make great gifts.

Each disk necklace has a choice of precious metalsto suit your needs. We only use the finest quality sterling silver, 14k gold-filled and ros-gold-filled for the chains and pendants, making these pieces designed to last for generations.

Many of these pieces can be custom-engraved for an even more personal touch. These look stunning with initials, names and dates - making for an ideal memento for a special occasion.

We make each and every disk necklace in our ancient studio. UK-based, we design, make and package each piece by hand - bringing a personal touch to every item and making your piece of jewellery truly unique.

Our disk necklaces are just one of our range of custom-engraved jewellery. Take a look at our personalised bar necklaces and bracelets for more inspiration!

If you have any more questions, please contact us today!