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About us


The 15th century that houses the workshops of Britten Anthology in Bradford on AvonAnthology is the new jewellery brand from the award winning 'Britten Weddings'. Bringing the high standards and sense of occasion deserved by brides to everyday jewellery and accessories. 

Every piece in the contemporary and delicate collection is entirely English-made in our 15th century building (pictured). This is only possible by reaching you directly with exclusive designs; you won't find them anywhere else. Anthology is super high quality with only 14k gold fill (find out more) or sterling silver used in our designs for a much longer life.

The team are a group of long serving and seriously skilled individuals. There are no ‘production lines’; every piece is made from scratch, carefully packaged and despatched by one person. Your enquiries are dealt with swiftly by real people who want to make you happy.

A thoroughly lovely experience for everyone, every time. Welcome, we hope you'll be back often! 


Meet the designer 

Sarah Jane, designer at Britten AnthologySarah Jane is a graduate of Cordwainers College, now part of the London College of Fashion.

Designing leather handbags and working in couture footwear led to the founding of Britten Weddings in 2011, followed by sister brand, The Wedding Garter Co, in 2014.

With Sarah Jane at Britten is her husband Matthew and, the love of her life, Alf the golden retriever.