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Personalised Jewellery Ideas for Mother’s Day


On mother's day, most people show their appreciation with flowers, chocolates, or a bottle of their favourite tipple, and mother's day jewellery is also amongst the most popular mother's day gifts. We've put together some of our favourite personalised jewellery ideas for mother’s day here, to give you some inspiration. 

Mother's day is a day to treat the special woman in your life. Whether it's your mum, your nan, your step-mum, or your dad who's taken on the role of a mum, mother's day is your chance to say 'I love you' and thank you for all the care and help they've shown you over the years. 

When is mother's day?

Mother's day is celebrated all over the world. In the UK, it's also known as 'mothering Sunday' and usually falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent. Sunday 22nd March 2020 will be the next mother's day in the UK. Mother's day stems from a historical tradition of visiting your 'mother church' in the lead up to Easter celebrations. Nowadays, UK mother's day is seen as an opportunity to thank maternal figures in the family for everything they do for the family. 

The US and other countries around the world, mother's day is commemorated each year on the second Sunday in May, falling on Sunday 10th May in 2020. It has originated purely from a celebration of mothers.  

How can I make mother's day special?

Over the years, the mother-figure in your life has probably accepted handmade cards and gifts with a huge smile and a tear in her eye. And while she once adored those gifts made by little hands, now you're older, you probably want to show your gratitude in a different way. 

Trips to a garden centre, a relaxing spa day, or going for a nice pub lunch are all nice ways to make mother's day special but when you really want to spoil your mum, personalised mother's day gifts are the way to go. Elevate your 'bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates' game, and make things extra special with thoughtful personalised mother's day jewellery. 

Personalised Jewellery Ideas for Mother’s Day

Whether you choose a personalised mother's day necklace or a personalised mother's day bracelet, here are some ideas that will add an extra special touch to your mother's day gift. 


Personalise the Personalised Bar 'Name' Bracelet 'Greer' or the Personalised Medium Disc 'Name' Necklace 'Astrid' with your mum's name, the names of all her children, or even the names of her fur-babies, for a mother's day gift from the heart. 


Add her own initials or have the initials of her children engraved onto our Tiny Personalised Disc 'Initial' Necklace 'Ember' or the Personalised Disc 'Initial' Necklace 'Bea' for a meaningful gift she can wear every day. 


When you're looking for a gift with the extra 'wow' factor, choose a Personalised 'Initial' Zodiac Constellation Disc Necklacewhich features her zodiac sign or the star sign of her child, and combine it with engraved initials of her dearest loved ones. 

Favourite animal or dinosaur

Little ones will be bursting with pride when they add an illustrated disc (For Our Bracelet, Necklace, Charm & Personalised Collections) to a necklace, and present it to their mum alongside breakfast in bed. Thank your mum for every trip to the zoo or museum, with a stylish disc engraved with her favourite animal or dinosaur. 

Family Name 

Choose the elegant Personalised Bar 'Family Name' Bracelet 'Elodie' or the Personalised 'Family Name' Bar Necklace 'Elodie' and have it engraved with 'mum', 'mummy', or 'like a mum to me'.

Personalised 'Family Name' Bar Necklace 'Elodie'



Your mum is special, and there may be times when you wonder if she is part superhero too. Show your mum how much you admire her for the challenges she's overcome with the Personalised Bar 'Inspirational' Bracelet 'Priya', or it's co-ordinating necklace, engraved with a sincere single word or short quote. 

Important Date

Your mum has most likely seen every day as special from the moment she met you. Have our Personalised Bar 'Date' Necklace 'Anushka' engraved with a birth date, date of adoption, or any other significant day or year that means a lot to you both. 

Check out our full range of handcrafted personalised jewellery perfect for every day wear or for special occasions. And, when you opt for our special heavy weight gift box, watch your mum's face light up as she unwraps her present.