What to Get Engraved on a Piece of Custom Jewellery? Britten Anthology

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What to Get Engraved on a Piece of Custom Jewellery?


The gift of beautiful jewellery is always welcomed warmly by the recipient, but when someone receives a personalised piece of custom jewellery, the extra thought behind it makes it an even more meaningful gift. Here we share our ideas on what to get engraved on a piece of custom jewellery to make it even more special for that special someone in your life. 

What Should I Get Engraved on a Piece of Jewellery? 

Choosing what to get engraved on a piece of jewellery can be as unique as the person you're buying it for. 

Simple but nonetheless thoughtful, you may choose to add a family name, name, or initials to an engraved bracelet or engraved pendant.

Or, perhaps, consider a significant date, a zodiac symbol, or an inspirational quote as a symbol of how important they are to you.

The Britten Anthology Guide on What to Get Engraved on a Piece of Custom Jewellery? 

Engraving ideas for girlfriend, fiancee, or wife

For her birthday or an anniversary, a gift of bubble bath and chocolates might not be an accurate reflection of just how much you think of your girlfriend or wife. If you want to impress her with an uber-thoughtful gift, engraved jewellery is the perfect way to show your affection and celebrate your time together. 

Show your commitment with our personalised bar 'Love' necklace 'Leonie' and combine your initials or names as a symbol of your love for each other. 

You could pick the date of your first romantic rendezvouz, your first kiss, the day you got engaged, your wedding day, or any other memorable day. Add your most notable date to our personalised bar 'date' bracelet 'Anushka', perfect for reminiscing about the fun you've had together so far. 

Or, you might want to pick a few words from her favourite book, song, or film, or a reading from your wedding ceremony. Find a phrase that holds a special meaning, and add a Personalised Text Disc (For Our Bracelet And Necklace Collections) that will really make her smile. 

Engraving ideas for best friend or sister

There are some ladies in our lives who are by our side through thick and thin, no matter what. Whether she's your soul sister or your actual sister, it's nice to celebrate that connection with engraved jewellery as a reminder of how much you appreciate her. 

Making an ideal birthday, Christmas, or an 'I saw this and thought of you' gift, engraved custom jewellery pieces add a best-friend-worthy sense of occasion. 

Whether she's a introverted creative type or an outgoing sporty type, show how much she inspires you every day by adding her favourite saying or motto to our personalised 'Inspirational' bar necklace 'Priya'.

Or, add her nickname to our personalised bar 'Name' bracelet 'Greer', just to let her know how much of a special 'bestie' she is. 

Engraving ideas for mum, aunt, or grandmother

You'd give your mum the world if you could, but for her birthday or mother's day this year a personalised engraved pendant or bracelet is a nice alternative (and easier to gift wrap). 

Choose from our tiny personalised disc 'Initial' necklace 'Ember' as a subtly elegant addition to her jewellery collection, or show how much she inspires you with a personalised large disc 'Inspiration' necklace 'Marcey' and adding your own message. 

Engraving ideas for daughter or granddaughter 

You've watched her reach big milestones since the moment she was born, and there's no reason for you to stop marking those achievements as she gets older.

For her exam results, graduation, giving birth, or the triathlon she recently completed, show her how proud you are and how she's still always on your mind with a beautiful engraved necklace or bracelet. 

Add her name, the date of her accomplishment, or simply the word 'daughter' to our personalised bar 'Family Name' bracelet 'Elodie', and know that she'll always have a piece of you with her whatever she gets up to next. 

Engraving ideas for a bridesmaid, work colleague, or teacher 

There are people we meet who touch our lives and deserve an acknowledgement of the role they've played in making school, work, or the general day-to-day, that little bit brighter. 

As a token of thanks for a bridesmaid, a work colleague who is leaving for pastures new, or a teacher who has enough pencil holders and key-rings already, give a personalised medium disc 'Name' necklace 'Astrid'engraved with their first name, or an elegant personalised vertical bar 'Initial' necklace 'Diem' engraved with their first initial, to show your gratitude or how much you'll miss them.  

The custom jewellery makers at Britten Anthology will craft a perfectly personalised bracelet, pendant, or necklace, which will delight your closest family members or friends, and will suit any occasion. Take inspiration for what to get engraved on a piece of custom jewellery from our personalised jewellery collection.